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NDS Slim Channel Drain

What is the Slim Channel Drain Series?

The Slim Channel Drain is the latest innovative modular channel drain system by NDS. The Slim Channel drain series fits into NDS' lineup between the Micro Channel Drains and the Mini Channel Drains ; at 2.25" wide and 3" deep, it's the second smallest drainage system offered by NDS. The Slim Channel series is made of extruded PVC, ensuring robust chemical resistance and long-lasting durability. A wide-variety of decorative grates ensures that your installation can match any design aesthetic you or your customers can come up with. The Slim Channel Series interfaces directly with 1.5" Schedule 40 PVC pipe.

Slim Channel Drain Applications

The Slim Channel Drain system shines in light-duty residential and commercial settings. The Slim Channel is also ideal for pool decks, where the modular system can be installed into the deck for minimal cost when compared to custom, one-off solutions. The same can be said for patios, where the Slim Channel is able to fit nicely into most existing landscapes without altering the aesthetic. We've listed a few recommended uses for the Slim Channel system by NDS below:

  • Patios
  • Pools
  • Tennis Courts
  • Spas
  • Decks
  • Breweries
  • Amusement Parks

Slim Channel System Features

  • Direct compaitibility with Schedule 40 PVC pipe.
  • UV and Chemical Resistance
  • Wide variety of grating options
  • Small profile for minimal footprint
  • Preconfigured kits for cost savings

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I purchase NDS Slim Channel Drains and accessories?

We proudly stock all of the items offered by NDS for the Slim Channel Series at rock-bottom prices; view the selection.

What lengths are available?

NDS offers the Slim Channel in six and nine foot sections when purchased as a kit; when purchasasing only the channel body, the six foot version is the only version available.

What colors grates are available?

Slim Channel Grates come in three colors: white, sand, and grey Each of these colors is available in three different styles: chain , square, and slotted Drainage Connect stocks all nine different types of grates for the NDS Slim Channel system; majority of orders ship the same day.

Are metal grates available?

Since the Slim Channel system is not meant for heavy traffic, metal grates are not available. If your project requires metal greate, please consider the Spee-D Channel Drain System, the Mini Channel Drain System, or Pro Series Channel Drain System

What is the load rating of NDS Slim Channel Drains?

The Slim Channel system has a Class A load rating (0-60) PSI. Recommended for pedestrians, bicycles and wheel chair traffic

Does the Slim Channel ship with any accessories?

The Slim Channel System is a modular drainage system, meaning that you can buy pieces individually as you need them. If you order a channel, please expect only a channel; grates are not included with the channel body. The Slim Channel line by NDS offers kits which contain multiple elements; as always, check the product listing for complete details.

Can the Slim Channel make bends?

Yes, the Slim Channel Can make bends. Bends can be created either by cutting the channel to the desired angle and gluing the PVC channel body back together, or they can be purchased prefabricated. NDS offers 45's, 90's, and tees.

How do I connect the channels together?

Consecutive runs of Slim Channel are connected using internal couplings.

How does the water drain out of the Slim Channel Drain?

Water can be drained from NDS Slim Channel drains in one of two ways: the bottom of the channel or the side. To drain the water from the side of an NDS Mini Channel drain, you will need a NDS Slim Channel End Cap/Outlet. To drain water from the bottom of the channel, you will need a NDS Slim Channel Bottom Outlet

Do I need to worry about expansion and contraction of the grates?

NDS recommends that 1/8" be left in between each grate to allow for any expansion or contraction that may occur.

How much water can the channel hold?

Slim Channel drains hold approximately the same amount of water as a 2.5" pipe of equivalent length.

How do I glue on the accessories?

Most accessories should be added with a coupling to attach the internal section. If you desire, you can use PVC glue to bond the accessories to the channel body, though it is not required.

Can I use rebar or any other method to stake the channel sections instead of the 6” channel installation stakes?

Yes. The Slim Channel system is designed to be used in conjunction with anchor clips to make installation a breeze. The anchor clips can be used to suspend the channel by connecting it to rebar or help secure it to a prepared base. Should you forgo the anchor clips to save money, you can prevent floating by staking the lip on the bottom of the channel into place; the lip is not as pronounced as in the Mini Channel or Spee-D Channel series drains.

How are the grates connected to the channel?

Grates for the Slim Channel system clip into place; they do not require screws like the Mini Channel,Pro Series, or Spee-D Channel drain series product lines.

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