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What is the NDS Spee-D Channel Drain Series?

The Spee-D Channel Series from NDS is a 4" modular drainage system with a wide variety of fittings and accessories. Featuring a unique, patented flying buttress design, 4" Spee-D channel drains provide support from the bottom as well as both sides. Flanges on the bottom of the channel drain provide an anchoring lip allowing for straight installation with minimal floating. The high quality, injection-molded plastic comprising the NDS Spee-D drain system is rustproof, chemically resistant and maintenance-free. With a wide array of fittings available, the Spee-D drain system is highly configurable making it an easy choice for most patio and residential areas.

Applications of the NDS Spee-D Channel Series

NDS Spee-D Channel Drain systems are versatile, easy-to-install trench drain systems that allow for the collection and diversion of water Spee-D Channel Drain are available in four foot lengths, but are easily cut to accommodate any space. Coupled with a variety of accessories and grates available in a wide variety of colors and styles, it has never been easier to design a drainage system that fits your project and desired aesthetic. Recommended applications of the NDS Spee-D Channel Drain systems include:

  • Patios
  • Pools
  • Tennis Courts
  • Spas
  • Decks
  • Residential Hardscapes


  • A unique, patented flying buttress design that provides support from both sides as well as the bottom.
  • Patented honeycomb walls with UV inhibitors
  • Chemical resistance for long lasting durability
  • A variety of aesthetics and colors to match any project

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I purchase NDS Spee-D Channel Drains and accessories?

We stock all of the NDS Spee-D Channel products at an extremely low price. You can browse our selection here.

What lengths are available?

The NDS Spee-D Channel is available in four foot and ten foot sections. The channel can be easily cut to any length. Call In Directly for our NDS 10 FT Spee-D Channel Drain Pricing. Spee-D channel drain grates come in three foot sections, so two are required per drain. A 2 foot section with bottom spigot is also available for users looking to divert water below.

What colors grates are available?

The Spee-D Channel grates are available in white, grey, green, black, sand, and brick red. Spee-D Channel Drain Grates are also available in two decorative styles, botanical and wavy.

Are metal grates available?

Cast iron grates and Galvanized Steel grates are available upon request.

What is the load rating of NDS Spee-D Channel Drains?

Injection molded Spee-D Channel grates are class B rated, capable of supporting automobiles, light trucks, and medium-duty pneumatic tires (up to 175 psi) at speeds less than 20 m.p.h.

Does the Spee-D Channel ship with any accessories?

The Spee-D Channel Drain does not ship with any accessories. Each drain will require fittings for each end, two grates, and four screws, which may be found here

Can the Spee-D Channel make bends?

Yes, the Spee-D Channel can make bends. NDS manufactures prefabricated 45's, 90's, tee's, and even crosses . The channel can also be cut to any angle using a miter saw. The same angle will need to be cut into another piece of channel. Glue the pieces together and secure the joint before encasing in concrete.

How do I connect the channels together?

Spee-D Channel drains are connected by using Spee-D Channel couplings.

Spee-D Channel Drain Coupling Installation Display

How does the water drain out of the Spee-D Channel Drain?

Water can be drained from Spee-D Channel Drain drains in one of two ways: the bottom of the channel or the side. To drain the water from the side of an NDS Spee-D channel drain, you will need a spigot adapter. To drain water from the bottom of the channel, you will need a specialized piece of Spee-D channel drain

Do I need to worry about expansion and contraction of the grates?

NDS recommends that 1/8" be left in between each grate to allow for any expansion or contraction that may occur.

How much water can the channel hold?

Spee-D Channel drains hold approximately the same amount of water as a 4" pipe of equivalent length.

How do I glue on the accessories?

PVC glue may be used to attach Spee-D Channel accessories to the drain itself.

Glue Channel Drain Installation Display

Can I use rebar or any other method to stake the channel sections instead of the 6” channel installation stakes?

Yes. The recommended method install the channel is to drive a piece of ½” or 5/8” piece of rebar into the ground in the trench. Then drill small holes in the bottom flange of the channel. Next, insert tie wire into the hole and twist it onto the rebar such that the top of the channel sits 1/8” below the finished edge of the concrete.

Rebar use with Channel Drain Installation Display

How are the grates connected to the channel?

The grates themselves fit in a groove within the Spee-D Channel drain. Four screws are required for each Spee-D Channel grate. Screws come 50 per package and may be purchased here. Screws are stainless steel to decrease the amount of maintenance required.

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