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NDS Dura Slope Trench Drain

What is the NDS Dura Slope Trench Drain?

NDS Dura Slope is one of two pre-sloped drainage lines offered by NDS. If you've got heavy traffic, the Dura Slope trench drain is a good place to start your search; these heavy-duty, HDPE channels can withstand up to Class D loads when outfitted with the correct grates and a ductile iron collar. The Dura Slope trench drains are perfect for a variety of uses, such as driveways, sports facilities, parking areas, warehouses, loading docks, and pools. These pre-sloped drains are loved for a variety of reasons: engineers love that they have sloping built-in, installers love their lightweight build, and customers love the gorgeous aesthetic the Dura Slope Trench Drains are known for. The Dura Slope™ System has the ability to withstand freeze/thaw cycles and provide chemical resistance, including road salt. Each section of the Dura Slope™ trench drain comes with a blank grate insert that eliminates the use of plywood. Each Dura Slope radius coupling includes a standard grate, which can be used as a blank or as a functioning grate. Grate screws are included with all Dura Slope™ trench drains and radius couplings. LeveLoc™ integral re-bar supports are located at 24” intervals along each side of the channel and contain an internal protruding knob designed to grip #3 or #4 rebar (3/8” – ½”) for easier channel height adjustment during installation. DuraLoc tongue and groove end connect allowing for a precise fit and ensure straight channel runs, incorporating an integral snap-lock feature that prevents joint movement during channel installation. Each channel section is molded with a bottom outlet allowing for system versatility and ensuring proper drainage. Expansion joints must be provided parallel to each side of the drain run.

Applications for Dura Slope Trench Drains

Recommended applications of the NDS Dura Slope Trench Drain System include:

  • Athletic Fields
  • Commercial Hardscapes
  • Driveways
  • Spas
  • Tennis Courts
  • Pools
  • Residential Hardscapes

NDS Dura Slope Trench Drain Features

  • Available in both neutral and built-in slope of 0.7% channels
  • Modular design available in 4 FT lengths
  • UV Inhibitors to prevent fading and cracking
  • Includes neutral and pre-sloped sections to provide variable trench depth as required by site conditions.
  • Unique interlocking joints remove the need for couplings
  • Wide variety of grate styles to accommodate any color and load requirement

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I purchase NDS Dura Slope Trench Drains and accessories?

We're a little biased, but we believe there's no better place to buy NDS products than here at Drainage Connect. You can browse our selection of NDS Dura Slope equipment here.

What lengths are available?

NDS Dura Slope trench drain is available in 4 FT lengths. Dura Slope trench drains have the ability to run 194 feet of continuous slope; 266 feet with neutral sections added..

What colors grates are available?

Dura Slope trench drain grates are available in white, grey, green, black, sand, and brick red.

Are metal grates available?

Yes! The Dura Slope trench drain system offer a wide variety metal grates option to accommodate load ratings up to Class D (326-575 PSI). See our selection here. .

What is the load rating of NDS Dura Slope Trench Drains?

Loads are based upon encasing the product in concrete, and on grate selection. Dura Slope plastic (structural foam polyolefin) meets Class B load rating (61-175 psi), while ductile iron and cast iron meet Class D load rating (326-575 psi).

Does the Dura Slope Trench Drain ship with any attachments?

Each section of Dura Slope trench drain section comes with two blank grate that eliminates the use of plywood. Two Dura Slope Profit Grate Locks are also included with all Dura Slope™ trench drains, in which used to prevent joint movement during installation..

Can the Dura Slope trench drain make bends?

Dura Slope Trench drains uses radius coupling that are built with a ±3° range of angular motion. This feature allows Dura Slope trench drains to form a curved radius at the end of track fields. Each radius coupling comes with a plastic (HDPE) standard grate attached with two grate screws. Dura Slope™ radius couplings are available in four neutral depths, and were designed to connect neutral Dura Slope™ trench drain sections of the same depth. For a guide to the Dura Slope™ trench drain sections and their corresponding radius coupling, see the table below:

How do I connect the channels together?

Dura Slope Trench drains connect via the built-in interlocking joints at the end of each channel. This channel drain system also offers Dura Slop radius couplings that has a ±3° range of angular motion. This feature allows Dura Slope™ trench drains to form a curved radius at the end of the track

How does the water drain out of the Dura Slope Trench Drains?

Water can be drained out NDS Dura Slope Trench drains in a variety of ways. Dura Slops Trench drain have equipped with ability to drill out the channel bottom outlet, and install either a (# DS-126) bottom outlet adapter , End Outlet (#DS-227) , or rather a Catch Basin (#DS-340) . Note: Bottom outlets, drain outlets, and catch basins connect to the deepest end of the trench drain run.

Do I need to worry about expansion and contraction of the grates?

NDS recommends that 1/8" be left in between each grate to allow for any expansion or contraction that may occur.

How much water can the channel hold?

Dura Slope Trench drains has an inside nominal flow path width of 4"(101.6mm), with a bottom radius of 2" (50.8mm) to facilitate sediment removal. All Dura Slope trench drains equipped to withstand a compressive strength of 2,900 psi, with a material tensile stress of 4,550 psi and material flexural strength of 5,800 psi.

How do I glue on the accessories?

Dura Slope Trench Drains from NDS are made from PVC and can use PVC glue to secure attachments. Dura Slope Trench drains are made from HDPE and can have their attachments secured by welder contact adhesive.

How are the grates connected to the channel?

The grates themselves fit within the . Grate screws are included with all Dura Slope™ trench drains and radius couplings.

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