NDS 24" Flo-Well Bottom Panel

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Product Details: NDS 24" Flo-Well Bottom Panel

The Flo Well bottom is made of structural foam polyolefin with UV inhibitors to prevent damage from the elements. This round Flo Well bottom piece is used to close off the bottom of the Flo Well and features six 1.5" leaching ports and a 4.5" center knockout for strut coupling. The Flo Well is designed to retain stormwater and discharge it into the subsoil which helps to replenish groundwater table levels required in some areas.

Quick Look

  • UV inhibitors
  • Attach Bottom Panel underneath assembled Flo-Well Dry Well Side Panels
  • The durable bottom panel turns the Flo-Well Dry Well into a reservoir for pond and waterfall recirculation pumps
  • UV Protected High Density Polypropylene
  • ADA Compliant

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Más Información
Color Black
Numero de parte FWBP24
Longitud 24"
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