NDS 8" Riser For 18" Catch Basin

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Product Details: NDS 8" Riser For 18" Catch Basin

The NDS 8" Riser For 18" Catch Basin features UV-resistant 1-piece injection-molded structural polypropylene construction for strength. This item is used for areas where water buildup occurs. Catch Basins catch and divert water to water-safe areas away from structures, erosion-prone landscapes, and poor drainage areas. Catch Basins are great for many residential and commercial applications because of the accumulation of excess surface water from the lawn, landscape, residential driveways, and garages. 8" Riser For 18" Catch Basin is suitable for light vehicular traffic when properly installed, suitable for both landscape and hardscape applications, and able to withstand normal abuse in landscaping applications. 5 psi maximum working pressure. 8" Riser For 18" Catch Basin Is used to use rise the 18" Catch Basin while also being fade-resistant, rust-resistant, lightweight, and easy to install!

Quick Look

  • UV Protected High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Connections are soil tight, requires water proof silicone to make connections water tight
  • ADA Compliant
  • Fits: Use with NDS #1800, #1804, #1882, or #1884
  • Designed For NDS 18" Catch Basins
  • Product Class: 10ND
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Más Información
Numero de parte 1816
Longitud 21"
Anchura 18-1/8"
Altura 9"
Peso 5
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