Gate Valve

PVC Gate valves are used to regulate the flow in a system. The handle on a gate valve turns two ways, lowering and raising the gate inside the valve. PVC gate valves are made of three main components: an actuator (or the handle for manual valves), a housing, which keeps the valve in its place, and the gate. The gate is made from a small piece of PVC (plastic) that stops the flow when the valve is completely closed. The actuator may be a lever or wheel depending on the design of the valve. The design is simple. When the valve is opened, the gate lifts out of the path of the fluid, so it can flow freely. When it is closed, it lowers into place to stop the flow. At Drainage Connect, we carry a wide variety of gate valves that help to ensure your system is at the proper pressure and flow rate. Navigate below to quickly get to the type of valves you're looking for. If you don't see it on our site, please use our contact form to get a quote. Orders of $1000 or more are eligible for job quotes.

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