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At Drainage Connect, we're proud to offer a wide variety of high-quality, aesthetically-pleasing grates at rock-bottom prices. We have grates to fit on anything: trench and channel drains, drain pipe openings, catch basins, and more. Not only do we have a tremendous variety of grates, but we have them in a wide array of materials and colors, allowing you to perfectly match your grates with your desired aesthetics. Don't see what you're looking for? Send us a message. As always, we have experts standing by to take your questions!

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  1. NDS 15" Round Grate - Black
    NDS 15" Round Grate
    As low as $111.23
  2. NDS 1040 - 10" Round Grate (Black)
    NDS 10" Round Grate
    As low as $18.45
  3. NDS 11 - 4" Round Grate
    NDS 4" Round Grate
    As low as $3.18
  4. NDS 40 - 6" Round Grate, Black
    NDS 6" Round Grate
    As low as $8.15
  5. NDS 8" Round Grate - Black
    NDS 8" Round Grate
    As low as $10.90
  6. NDS 1260 - 12" Round Grate (Grey)
    NDS 12" Round Grate
    As low as $57.68
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