Square Catch Basins

Effective water drainage is essential to maintaining the integrity of any property, and a square catch basin is perfect in this process. Our selection of square catch basins is built to withstand and provide superior performance. Square Catch Basins are typically made of materials like concrete, or plastic, and feature a grated or slotted top cover that allows water to flow into the basin. The collected water is then directed to a discharge pipe that leads to a suitable outlet such as a sewer system, stormwater management facility, or pond. When choosing a catch basin, it's essential to consider factors such as size, location, and material. Need personal assistance? Be sure to contact us (803-324-3225) directly to talk to one of our experts.

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  1. NDS 1811 - 18" Catch Basin Grate
    NDS 18" Catch Basin Grate
    As low as $133.92
  2. NDS 2411 - 24" Catch Basin Grate
    NDS 24" Catch Basin Grate
    As low as $349.80
  3. NDS 1280 - 12" Square Catch Basin Atrium Grate
    NDS 12" Square Catch Basin Atrium Grate
    As low as $51.15
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