NDS 9" Catch Basin (2 Openings)

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Product Details: 9" Catch Basin (2 Openings)

The 9" Catch Basin (2 Openings)is part of the NDS drainage system. NDS catch basins have a sump area that collects debris and prevent clogging of the drainage system and are used to protect property against water damage caused by excess rainwater or irrigation. Common applications are to collect water from downspouts, planter areas, and landscape sections. Catch basins are suitable for light vehicular traffic, for both landscape and hardscape applications and can withstand normal abuse in landscaping applications. NDS offers a variety of accessories to help customize your drainage system including universal adapters, filter, and end plugs. Part of NDS 9" Catch Basin Series.

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  • UV inhibitors
  • ADA Compliant
  • Product Class: 10ND

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More Information
Part Number 900
Length 9-3/8"
Width 9-3/8"
Height 10-1/8"
Weight 2.2
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