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The NDS Flo-Well is a manufactured dry well that is an easy to install and sustainable solution for stormwater runoff. Used independently or as part of a larger stormwater management system, Flo-Well units collect, retain, and discharge stormwater on-site, offering a gravel-free alternative to a traditional dry well. Units are modular and can be connected in series or stacked to meet a variety of project needs and accommodate higher volumes of water. Each Flo-Well unit holds approximately 50 gallons of stormwater, 50% more than a traditional peastone dry-well. The NDS Flo Well is easy to install and does not require heavy equipment. It is environmentally friendly, made from 100% recycled materials and filters stormwater naturally through the subsurface, reducing pollutants and helps replenish groundwater tables by discharging stormwater on site.

Quick Look

  • UV inhibitors
  • Fits: Part #FWAS24 & FWAS24C
  • UV Protected High Density Polypropylene
  • ADA Compliant

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Part Number FWAS24
Width 24"
Height 28-3/4"
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