NDS 12" Square Catch Basin Grate - Green

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Product Details: NDS 12" Square Catch Basin Grate

The 12" Square Catch Basin Grate is part of the NDS drainage system. The catch basins from NDS, paired with their varied lineup of grates, are one of the most practical solutions to a plethora of common drainage problems. Made from a durable, structural foam polyolefin, this grate is the perfect fit for the 12" Catch Basin Series. Along with all other grates, it is both chemical-resistant and rustproof to provide an easy and maintenance-free drainage solution.

Quick Look

  • UV Protected High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Grate
  • Open Surface Area: 50.76 square inches
  • 155.28 GPM
  • ADA Compliant
  • Load Rating: Class B (61-175 psi)
  • Designed for use with the NDS 12” Catch Basin Series
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More Information
Part Number NDS 1210
Color Green
Length 11 3/4"
Width 11 3/4"
Height 1 1/8"
Grate Opening 3/8"
Open Surface Area 50.76 square inches
Gallons Per Minute 155.28
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