NDS Spee-D Channel Coupling

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Product Details: NDS Spee-D Channel Coupling

The Spee-D Channel Coupling is part of the modular NDS Spee-D Drainage System. The couplings are used to join two separate sections of the Spee-D channel to one another. Each coupling is made of durable PVC material with UV and chemical inhibitors and incorporates the flying buttress design to reduce floating during installation.

Quick Look

  • ADA Compliant
  • Used to connect NDS Spee-D channel drain together
  • Use with NDS Spee-D Series
  • High Quality PVC
  • Flanged design for improved stability
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Installation Instructions

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Más Información
Numero de parte 248
Color Grey
Anchura 1-3/4"
Longitud 3-3/4"
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