NDS Spee-D Galvanized Channel Grate

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Dimensions: Length: 24" x Width: 4-1/8" x Height: 3/4"

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Product Details: NDS Spee-D Galvanized Channel Grate

The NDS Spee-D Galvanized Channel Grate is part of the NDS Spee-D drainage system. Spee-D Channel Drains are ideal for driveways, large decks, and commercial areas. Adequate in everything from patios to light vehicular traffic areas. NDS galvanized steel grates channel drains are the ideal solution when you need strength and performance. All with the classic beauty and finish of the steel. These chemical-resistant and rustproof grates are maintenance-free, lightweight, and easy to install.

Quick Look

  • Material: Galvanized Steel
  • Sections of Spee-D Channel can be connected together using the either the Channel Strainer Coupling (NDS part # 245) or the Channel Coupling (NDS part # 248)
  • UV Inhibitors
  • Chemically resistant, rustproof and maintenance-free
  • ADA Compliant
  • The channel can also be cut to any angle using a miter saw. The same angle will need to be cut into another piece of channel. Glue the pieces together and secure the joint before encasing in concrete
  • Create a water-tight connection between channels and from outlet to pipe using solvent-weld PVC glue
  • The channel itself will hold about the same volume of water as a 4” diameter pipe
  • NDS part # 245 connects to 2” schedule 40 pipe and part # 249 connects to both 3” sewer and drain pipe and 4” sewer and drain fittings
  • Use with Spee-D drainage products to customize your layout
  • Class B Load Rated (61-175 PSI)
  • Spee-D Channel is available in 4 foot and 10 foot sections. The channel can be easily cut to any length. Call In Directly for our NDS 10 FT Spee-D Channel Drain Pricing
  • Install with Four FH #8 x 1 in. screws (Sold Separately)
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Installation Instructions

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Más Información
Numero de parte 254
Color Plata
Longitud 24"
Anchura 4-1/8"
Apertura de rejilla 0.45" x 2.85"
Área de superficie abierta 16.1 sq. in. per ft.
Galones por Minuto 89.8 GPM
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