Product Review: NDS 5" Pro Series Channel Grates

Product Review: NDS 5" Pro Series Channel Grates

As one of the best-selling product lines offered by NDS, the 5" Pro Series line of drainage products are commonly favored by contractors and homeowners alike. Part of the appeal of the NDS 5" Pro Series channel drains is their versatility: with rebar clips on each side and a variety of different aesthetics and materials available, the 5" Pro Series channel can fit onto most water management jobs. This variety ensures that your project is robust enough to handle anything thrown at it while being aesthetic enough to be proud of. In this blog, we're going to review everything about the different grate options offered by NDS for the 5" Pro Series trench drain line, including the different materials and their impact on your project. It may sound like a lot of information for 'just channel grates', but grates have an outsized impact on the appearance of your project and the max-flow capacities -- it's important not to make a mistake here. We've organized the review by their load class rating; if you're curious about a certain channel grate reviewed, click one of the product names below to jump to the product page you're interested in. All NDS 5" Pro Series Channel grates are 5.25" in width , 19-11/16" in length, and 3/4" in Height; NDS refers to them as 5", but those measurements are not exact.

NDS 5" Pro Series Pedestrian Traffic Grates

NDS 5" Pro Series pedestrian traffic channel grates are classified as Class A-rated, ensuring optimal performance for pedestrian-heavy areas. Like many of NDS's grates, these are ADA-compliant, meeting the standards set by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 2010. They are heelproof, meaning the openings are smaller than a woman's heel, preventing any unfortunate entrapments. Pedestrian traffic channel grates are best for hardscapes without vehicle traffic, such as patios and swimming pools. These grates prioritize safety without sacrificing functionality. However, due to the smaller openings, they have the lowest open surface area and flow rate of any 5" Pro Series Channel Grate. With a Class A rating, they can withstand pressures of up to 3,372 lbs, making them unsuitable for pneumatic tire traffic. Available exclusively in gray, these grates combine practicality with ADA compliance for a reliable drainage solution.

NDS 5inch Pro Series Pedestrian Traffic Grates Image

NDS 5" Pro Series Light Traffic Channel Grates

NDS 5" Pro Series light traffic channel grates are made from structural high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Unlike the pedestrian traffic grates from our previous section, NDS offers light traffic channel grates in several colors: Light Gray, Green, Black, Sand, Brick Red, and White. The light traffic assorted color channel grates are the most commonly used covers for the NDS 5" Pro Series drainage system; the 5" Pro Series Kit, SKU #864, comes with two light gray grates included. These grates are Class B rated, which means they are capable of supporting up to 28,100 lbs before they're liable to break for light autos vehicles at speeds of less than 20 MPH.


NDS 5" Pro Series Galvanized Steel Grates

NDS 5" Pro Series galvanized steel grates serve excellent for light pneumatic tire traffic, such as golf carts, light vehicular traffic cars, and trucks. Despite sharing the same Class B load rating as the light traffic grates we reflected on prior. The NDS galvanized steel grates have a unique characteristic, as for they bend under pressure rather than break. This distinctive quality contributes to their longevity and durability over time. However, it's important to note that due to the steel composition that this grate consists of, the grate can become extremely hot when exposed to direct sunlight. While this may not pose an issue on a golf course where you're riding in a cart, it's worth considering that these grates may not be suitable for areas like pools or spas. Unless you're aiming to start a new trend in foot-cooked spa treatments!


NDS Pro Series Ductile Iron Grates

NDS 5" Pro Series ductile iron grates are designed for heavy pneumatic tire traffic. With a Class D rating, these grates withhold a remarkable capacity to support up to at least 89,920 lbs per foot before reaching their breaking point for heavy-duty automobiles traveling at speeds of less than 20 MPH. This product is ideal for applications in areas like commercial garages or industrial warehouses. We recommend this channel grate for customers who wish for a grate that is reliable and durable in high-traffic environments.


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