NDS 3" & 4" Pop-up Drainage Emitter

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Product Details: NDS 3" & 4" Pop-up Drainage Emitter

Pop-up Drainage Emitter allows water to be diverted and released to water-safe areas away from structures, erosion-prone landscapes, and poor drainage areas. The special patented NDS design allows the Emitter to open with a negligible amount of pressure. The good thing about pop-up emitters is that if there’s no steady flow of water, the lid stays shut. That means no debris can make its way into the pipe. It’s a great alternative to traditional drain grates that have a tendency to collect rocks, dirt, or leaves that'll eventually clog the line. An alternative to concrete drains, this polypropylene solution is weather durable and long-lasting. Typical applications include pools, spas, patios, tennis courts, and athletic fields.

Quick Look

  • UV Inhibitors
  • High Density Polyethylene
  • ADA Compliant
  • Can be installed in vertical applications - ideal for discharging water from retaining walls and street curbs
  • 40 GPM
  • Product Class: 10ND
  • May be used with Flo-Well to relieve overflow
  • Spring Tension: 0.04 PSI or 1” water required to rise cap
  • Stainless Steel Spring
  • Fits: 3” and 4” Sewer and Drain Pipe/Fittings
  • Class A (1-60) PSI

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More Information
Part Number 420
Width 5 15/16"
Height 1 1/4"
Gallons Per Minute 40
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