NDS 4" Pop-Up Drainage Emitter With 4" Elbow

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Product Details: NDS 4" Pop-Up Drainage Emitter With 4" Elbow

The 4" pop-up drainage emitter with 4" elbow is part of the NDS drainage system. NDS pop-up drainage emitters act as the discharge point of a drainage system, opening easily when needed to allow water to flow freely from the pipe and away from structural foundations. The patented spring-loaded cap opens with the hydrostatic pressure of water flowing through the drainpipe, then closes as the flow diminishes. It allows water to be diverted and released to water-safe areas away from structures, erosion-prone landscapes, and poor drainage areas. The NDS pop-up drainage emitter with elbow is an easy, safe, and efficient solution to any drainage needs. Use with 4" sewer & drain pipe.

Quick Look

  • Polypropylene Pop-Up Drain Emitter
  • Styrene 90 Degree Inhibitor
  • 1/4" Drain Hole
  • Class A Load Rated
  • UV Inhibitor
  • Used to allow water captured by grates, catch basins, channel drains, flow-well, downspouts and roof gutter systems to flow through the drainage pipe and discharge to a water safe area such as a gutter
  • 40 GPM Capacity
  • 1" Head To Raise Top
  • ADA Compliant
  • Product Class: 10ND

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More Information
Part Number 421
Width 5-15/16"
Height 7-1/2"
Gallons Per Minute 40
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