NDS Spee-D Channel Strainer Coupling

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Product Details: NDS Spee-D Channel Strainer Coupling

The Spee-D Channel Strainer Coupling is part of the modular NDS Spee-D Drainage System. Spee-D products are characteristically strong, built uniquely with internal flying buttresses and a thick honeycombed wall. An alternative to concrete drains, this polypropylene solution is weather durable and long-lasting, complete with UV inhibitors giving a pleasant aesthetic at a phenomenal price. This piece functions as a strainer within the channel underground. The Spee-D Series will not disappoint, perfect for commercial and residential areas, and easily customizable.

Quick Look

  • ADA Compliant
  • UV Inhibitors
  • Use with Spee-D Channel Drains
  • High Quality PVC
  • Designed for improved stability

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Specifications Sheets: NDS Spee-D Channel Drain Accessories
Improving your drainage system with the NDS Spee-D Channel
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