NDS 6' Mini Channel Drain

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Dimensions: 72" x 3-1/2"

Product Details: NDS 6' Mini Channel Drain

NDS Mini Channel Drain acts as a perimeter drain, quickly removing water from hardscapes and directing it away from building structures. It is ideal for residential or non-residential applications that anticipate moderate amounts of drainage water and is a low-cost alternative to the NDS Spee-D Channel. The NDS Mini Channel Drain is excellent for light-duty applications including pools, patios, spas, and tennis courts. It offers a greater surface area than the NDS Micro Channel drain, with brass and a range of colored plastic grates available. This item is part of the NDS Mini Channel Series.

Quick Look

  • UV Inhibitors
  • Mini Channel grates are available in White (#540), Gray (#541), Green (#542), Black (#543), Sand (#544), and Brick Red (#551)
  • Satin brass and polished brass grates are available for the Mini Channel
  • NDS Mini Channel ships in 6 foot sections. All accessories are sold separately
  • High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Sections of Mini Channel can be connected together using the Mini Channel Coupling (NDS part# 548)
  • ADA Compliant
  • There are two options to drain the water out of the Mini Channel; the end of the channel or the bottom of the channel
  • Channel can be easily cut to any length
  • The channel itself will hold about the same volume of water as a 3” diameter pipe
  • NDS Mini Channel Series Channel Drain
  • Inverse Fly-Buttress Design
  • NDS Mini Channel is made from PVC. PVC glue can be used to glue all pieces together
  • Bottom Flanged
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More Information
Part Number 500
Length 6'
Width 3-1/2"
Height 3-1/8"
Weight 6.5
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